Broiler pan: What is it?

Broiler pan
A broiler pan is the blue or black pan that comes with your oven. It has a top piece, which is slotted, and a bottom piece, to catch anything that falls through. If you had no idea what it was and threw it away, or you live in an apartment and the prior tenant left it so disgusting that you don't want to use it (which has happened to me), you can always buy a new one. And the new ones aren't always that blue or black spotted variety!

You can use this pan when you are broiling something (for example, our bacon-wrapped sea scallops) or anytime you are cooking something in the oven that will produce juices or fat when cooked, like steak or burgers.

It is a good time saving tip to line the bottom of the broiler pan with tin foil to catch the liquids and reduce cleaning time.